Rub’ al Khali - shooting in the Empty Quarter, 2015

Kevin McKiernan

The award-winning London based film director and visual creative Kevin McKiernan has a single objective: make the best, most moving, most engaging films possible. 

Whether for agencies or direct clients, his pursuit of excellence is uncompromising and the results are unforgettable. Accolades include a Cannes Gold Dolphin, the Clarion Award for Television, eight IVCA Golds and four New York Gold World Medals.

His infectious enthusiasm is for “really good films” regardless of format or platform. These can feature anything and anyone; from prestige cars moving through their paces in exotic locations, to raw interviews with unusual subjects moving the viewer with their candour.

In more than 20 years of creative output, Kevin has combined the highest production values with versatility and empathy. He enables professional actors and first time interviewees to be equally and totally authentic on screen. Kevin has deep and wide experience of location shoots in the most challenging environments. In short, he is a talented, excellence-driven director who can be relied on totally to deliver stunning results.